Ana Santiago works as an image, communication and personal development consultant, professional trainer and keynote speaker. She is also a Public Relations teacher at university, since 2005, and  professional coach, since 2010.

She is the author of the book “What is your best version? – Practical Guide for Personal and Professional Fulfilment’ – first edition in Portuguese published in June 2013, second edition published in June 2014.

Ana is the author of the blog VIPP (Personal and Professional Image Valorisation), an online survival guide for your career, that was hosted in the famous Portuguese newspaper Expresso for four years (2010-2014), and nowadays is hosted at She also writes articles for several other blogs and magazines.

Ana Santiago started her career as a training coordinator at National Young Entrepreneurship Association (ANJE), in 1998. She worked as a Communication and Marketing Consultant at Bússola, a portuguese communication agency, and as a Marketing Director at FutureTrends Consulting (Portugal).

Her passion for communication and her interest in social causes led her to do a radio show, host several events and to collaborate in an international volunteer program in Cape Verde.

Ana Santiago is finishing a PhD in Communication Sciences, at University of Minho (Braga-Portugal). She has a Masters Degree in Communication Sciences at the same University and Public Relations Degree at Fernando Pessoa University (Porto-Portugal).