Ana is an outstanding professional, person and an inspirational vulcano of energy. A very gifted human relations expert, she demonstrates an acute sensitivity to understand human behaviour and to help others achieve excellence. She is a kind heart, a rich soul, an active brain and an active and pro-active type of person. She demonstrates a natural ability to engage audiences, to transmit to them her knowledge and experience and does it in a very honest and clean heart way. I am sure her curiosity and passion for life will always guide her to be at the top of her game. Definitely, a must hire professional.

Rui Carvalho, IT Project Manager and Software Engineer


Ana Santiago is a true example of an extraordinary person. Creativity, coherence, energy and friendship are just some examples of Ana’s qualities. As Ana’s colleague, I had the pleasure to meet a great professional and a truly trustful friend.

Rodrigo Cardana, Business Intelligence Consultant at Capgemini