Capa_Qual e a sua melhor versao_plano_2edicaoWHAT IS YOUR BEST VERSION?

What is your best version? Is a practical and easy to read guide on how to find your way to a life filled with professional and personal achievements.
If you are willing to discover and activate your best version, then this book is for you! With this book you will learn:

– How to discover your real self and to believe more in yourself;
– Strategies for becoming in charge of your life and to turn dreams into reality;
– Simple ways to build and project a good personal and professional image;
– Proven techniques to communicate better and develop more full and healthy interpersonal relationships;
– How to plan and manage your career, be successful at it, and how to achieve the right balance between personal and professional life
…and much more!

We all have a best version and it can lead us to extraordinary results in any area of our lives.
Believe in yourself, try to be better and allow yourself to achieve what you want and deserve.
Now, be your best version!

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The book ‘What is your best version? – Practical Guide to Personal and Professional fulfilment” was first published in June 2013 and was reprinted a year later, in June 2014.
2nd Edition: 2014
Number of pages: 278
Topic: Personal Development
Publisher: Nexus Literario
Seal: SmartBook
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 06/06/2014
ISBN: 9789898529275


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