Giving conference presentations is one of my favorite activities. My passion for communication has made me go on the stage from a young age and ever since I have never stopped doing so. I hosted a radio show, presented lectures and conducted events in different subjects. All of this helped me to develop as a public speaker.

Today, I present conferences from small to large audiences with the purpose of sharing my knowledge and experiences, raising individual and group awareness and inspiring people and organizations to achieve extraordinary results.

The conferences are privileged spaces of awareness, motivation and communication. As people retain much more of what they see, hear and do in the context of interactions, the communications that I present are reflective, dynamic, practical and participatory.

Conferences can be tailored to the context and profile of the target audience, although all of them are based on common areas. Here are some titles of conferences that I promote:

– Personal Strategies for Success
– VIPP – Valuing Professional and Personal Image
– Personal Marketing and Career Management
– Eight Tools for Designing a Personal Brand
– The Art of Public Speaking
– How to Manage Your Career and Be Sucessfull
– Coaching for Personal and Organizational Excellence

Other topics for conferences available upon request. Contact: