I provide consultancy services in image and communication, helping my clients – individuals and organizations – to find the best solutions in order to achieve more satisfactory or better results and excellence in the areas they require.

Each intervention is unique in that the needs and goals of the client are different. Still, this work is developed in

1. Conducting Initial Diagnosis
2. Definition of the Desired Outcome
3. Development of an Action Plan
4. Monitoring of the Implementation Plan
5. Evaluation of Results

In some cases, the work is performed by one or more expert consultants, depending on the specifics of each intervention.


Consultancy services in image and communication are directed at individual customers such as large, medium and small profit or nonprofit organizations.

– Individual consulting 
Aims to develop a set of personal aspects that influence the construction of a good personal and professional image, as well as to create and design a strong personal brand through powerful tools of personal marketing.

– Organizational consulting 
Its main objective is to create, maintain or improve the system of internal and external communication in order to obtain a good image of the organization amongst its stakeholders, through the development of specific actions and communication programs.


Customer Service is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brand, thus also to the profitability of a business. Therefore, there should be a continuous investment in the development of an excellent customer service. In this area of intervention there are two programs available, that have been thouroughly tested and proven in various organizations:

– Program “The Mystery Shopper” 
This program aims to assess the care and services provided through face / telephone / online interactions to customers in a given organization. At the end, a report is provided with the findings and recommendations resulting from the consultancy service.

– Program “Customer Excellence” 
This program includes actions from “The Mystery Shopper”, several specific workshops and targeted professional training to produce concrete outputs that allow a significant improvement in quality of customer care for the organization.

For more information contact: ana@ana-santiago.com