I am a professional trainer in the areas of personal image, communication and behavior, since 2001. I have conducted over 500 training sessions in Companies, Associations, Municipalities and several other entities.

As learning is more effective when learners engage actively in the training, all the courses that we propose focus on group dynamics, practical exercises, discussions and simulations.

The most requested courses by companies and / or individuals, lasting between 8 and 12 hours, are:

– Professional Image and Protocol
– Communicate with Public Impact
– Effective Communication & Interpersonal Relationships
– Building Success Through Teamwork
– Excellence in Customer Service
– Time Management & Personal Organization

However, other themes may be developed, according to the specific needs of each client, which can be elicited through a meeting and / or a questionnaire for an initial diagnosis of the training needs.

For more information, contact: ana@ana-santiago.com